In keeping with Songtrust’s mission to educate creators around the world about music publishing, we’re working with organizations like Eleven Music Career Center to provide readily accessible and curated resources for creator communities. 

At Songtrust, When We Help Others, We Succeed

A major part of our mission at Songtrust is to utilize our team’s vast industry expertise on music publishing and the music business to provide our community and clients with accessible educational resources. We believe if we share what we’ve learned and empower creators to do the same, our industry will be better off as it evolves. Our blog and weekly newsletter have all the articles, webinars, and videos we make so you can learn.

Working in tandem with our focus on education is working with music communities.

That’s why we are now working with the Eleven Music Career Center, a music business and strategy education company based in Madison, Wisconsin, to provide their community with everything they need to become successful songwriters and music rights holders. 

We had the chance to interview their owner Matt Jacoby. 

An Interview with Songtrust Partner Eleven Music Career Center

Why did you start Eleven Music?
Eleven Music Career Center believes that music is a viable career, and one that is attainable for a large number of artists who simply want to make a reasonable living from their music. Our mission is simple, to help music creators build a sustainable career. We want to help hard-working musicians and producers achieve a comfortable living as musician entrepreneurs or “middle class musicians”, if you will.

We do this by focusing much of our efforts specifically on musicians to help them build and execute a business strategy that can effectively help them achieve their career goals in a timely fashion. However, we also work with other entities in and around our music ecosystem to holistically help all involved by offering education, community building, access to coaching, and coworking space.

Why did you want to work with Songtrust?
We are beyond thrilled to work with Songtrust because we share similar values and interests in helping creators capitalize on their craft. Plus, we at Eleven are musicians and some of us have direct experience using Songtrust’s admin publishing services to help register songs and aid our royalty collection efforts, so we can speak directly to the high caliber service and educational information that Songtrust provides its members.

In short, Songtrust has proven to be trustworthy, and provides reliable, quality service, so we feel more than comfortable recommending Songtrust to other musicians.

What does Songtrust mean to the music community?
Songtrust means that musicians in our local and global communities have an additional resource to help them understand, in straightforward terms, how music publishing and royalty collections works. This empowers those musicians to apply that knowledge towards earning money from the music they’re creating, and in some cases takes care of the work for them. So what Songtrust means to us is an additional means for local and all musicians to advance their creative business which subsequently helps them make a positive economic impact on our local music ecosystem and community.

How is independent music growing at a local level within Wisconsin?
Eleven is based in Madison, WI and our music scene is vibrant. The various genres of music that are gaining traction, the number of available venues to perform in, as well as more and more music-related businesses popping up here to support our music ecosystem are all indicators of positive growth. Such growth helps everyone involved from the individual musician to the local music stores, to the establishments that host live music, and even the non-music-related businesses that get traffic as a result of a viable nightlife.

Songtrust & Eleven Music Publishing Resources for Successful Career Musicians

We’re very excited to work directly with Eleven Music Career Center. All of our resources are free and available whenever you need them, so don’t forget to check out our blog, video center, and resource center. If you have any questions about music publishing, drop us a note here.