Music IS a Career.

Make it a reality with career coaching for musicians, music coworking space, and networking and educational opportunities.

Eleven Music Career Center

Eleven is a business strategy and education company helping serious DIY musicians build a sustainable music career.

Musicians need a strategy to increase their fan base and income. Eleven provides this through career coaching, education services, networking and community building opportunities.

How We Help Serious Artists

Writing, performing and sharing your music is your passion. We get it. But those things are usually only 20% or less of what you need to do to make it as a full time band or musician. At Eleven, we focus on the other 80%, offering coaching, career development, business networking, community building and other services that help you balance your creative side and your entrepreneurial side.

Coaching & Career Development

To reach your career goals, you need clarity and direction. We don't hold your hand, but we will hold you accountable to take career-advancing action.

Community Building

Gain the support of your music scene and your business as a musician will be easier. That support is earned through relationships. Eleven offers access to educational workshops, conferences, networking events and local businesses to build a community that helps you scale your efforts.

Music Business Work Space

The internet is nice, but it doesn’t replace in-person interactions that build lasting relationships. Eleven has partnered with Brix Coworking in Madison to offer 2 physical spaces and coworking memberships for musicians and bands.

Eleven Music Business Network

Eleven is the only music business in the region to build a chamber of commerce-like network that helps the local music community become a viable part of the local economy.

Take the next step

What do you want from your Music Career?

The Eleven Career Assessment is the first step in helping you examine what you want from your music career, and it helps Eleven determine if we can truly help you. It’s free, and you get a gift.

So What’s This Free Gift?

For completing the online assessment, you will receive our free ebook, “The Music Marketing Essentials Guide,” which includes some practical tips you can apply to your music career today.

The Music Marketing Essentials Guide - Eleven Music Career Services