It takes a village of music industry brands to develop music entrepreneurs

It takes more than one person or team to realize a successful music career. That’s why Eleven partners with other music industry brands when and where it makes sense in order to provide additional value for the musicians, bands, DJs, and producers we humbly serve.

Songtrust’s team uses their vast industry expertise on music publishing and the music business to provide their community and clients with accessible educational resources, including their blog, newsletter, articles, webinars, and videos.

Working in tandem with their focus on education is working with music communities. That’s why Songtrust works with Eleven to provide their community with everything they need to become successful songwriters and music rights holders.

The skills and knowledge that are needed in the music business aren’t generally learned from a handbook or a classroom, they are gained from experience. The language and know-how within the music industry gets passed down from one person to the next.

MyMusic was designed to help you manage your business without the need to train yourself in each area of the music industry, allowing you more time to write songs, work on arrangements, rehearse and hold the band together.

Be Who You Are: A Song For My Children is a book by Jimmy Brandmeier. Brandmeier’s music industry experience, combined with his passion for guiding students in music and life, make him an inspiring teacher. His credo is simple: be who you are—inside and out—no matter what, no matter how far!

He’s worked with artists ranging from Jason Mraz, Avril Lavigne, Joss Stone, Dave Mathews and Sara McLachlan to Eric Clapton, Wynonna Judd, Carole King, Carlos Santana, Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach.

Behind the Backline is the NAMM-inspired podcast where we dig into the stories behind our favorite backline gear and talk with professionals in the musical instrument, pro audio and event technology industry.

Behind the Backline has interviewed more than 35 music industry brands ranging in size, from startups to established names, including the company that supplies the stage gear for shows such as the Grammys and Jimmy Kimmel.

South Central Wisconsin’s Between The Waves Conference and Festival is the Midwest’s premier music industry event, providing musicians the knowledge to pursue, the expertise to implement, and the tools to guide their journey toward earning a living making music and have a good time doing it.