We’re only as good as our clients’ experiences.

These music creators have worked with Eleven coaches to overcome obstacles and simplify their music entrepreneurship journey.

We’re only as good as our clients’ experiences.

These music creators have worked with Eleven coaches to overcome obstacles
and simplify their music entrepreneurship journey.

The width and depth of knowledge about the music industry is immediately apparent through the coaches at Eleven.

If you are considering music as a career, or to level up what you’ve already established, I cannot recommend them enough!

Paul’s Experience

Drive-a-tron | United States

I’ve had a great experience with Eleven. They are great.

As someone starting out in the music industry, I’ve had a lot of questions about how things work, what to prioritize, and so on.

These guys have been around the block and have had some terrific insights and helped me avoid some pitfalls!

I plan to keep on working with them — they are knowledgeable, listen well and tailor their coaching to a person’s individual situation.

Highly recommended!

John’s Experience

Cullen Jack | United States

I have used Eleven’s services for over a year now, and most recently have engaged in intensive music career coaching.

They have helped me gain a clearer perspective on the priorities in my life and career. I’ve gained confidence and embraced my own agency in the process.

It’s so helpful working with folks who can navigate the entrepreneurial landscape of a career in music while understanding the peculiarities unique to the musician’s journey.

I highly recommend!

Ken’s Experience

Rock ‘N’ Roll History Productions | United States

This has been an enriching experience for the following reasons. I was encouraged to set up essential tools for my music career that I had not thought of myself (example: website). I was guided in articulating my personal goals and center my work around those objectives to work more professionally and efficiently. I was challenged to do tasks that I found stretching without feeling like I had failed myself.

My coach was also very personable. He is clearly invested in my success, by making himself available for follow-on emails, by being responsive to my weekly needs, and having a positive encouraging attitude.

If you are an independent musician and are finding it hard to manage your job all by yourself and need some advice and guidance, consider booking a couple of sessions with Eleven Music Career Center. You will come out of the coaching sessions with new tools, useful challenges, and a renewed courage for your music career.

Jemima’s Experience

Jemima Music | France

As an independent full-time musician, I don’t get a lot of peer feedback. I don’t see a lot of co-workers or managers in my field, I don’t get any yearly reviews. And I’m sensitive to criticism, so putting myself in a place where I might receive criticism was hard.

Eleven put my fears to rest. They wanted to know what success looked like to *me,* and how they could help me advance *my* goals. The folks there looked at the things I’m doing and how I could do them even better.

Did I advance my goals? Did I see success? I sure did! I improved my recording quality, made decisions that streamlined my schedule, earned more money, and learned things. And though that is wonderful and useful and what I set out to do, I think the most important part of my time with Eleven was that I felt less like I was “trying” to be a “real” musician. It really helped my impostor syndrome.

Amy’s Experience

Mad City Jug Band | United States

Great support for up-and-coming musicians. Eleven’s one-on-one check-ins and thoughtful advice definitely helped accelerate our growth as a band!

Ty’s Experience

Lords of the Trident | United States