What Is Song Mastering / Music Mastering & Why Is It Important?


Did you know that if music creators develop their business skills they are more likely to succeed in music and be happy? This month's Amplifier, in partnership with Artist Republik, covers a bit of insight into the tracking, mixing and mastering process. What is song mastering, and why does it matter? During a song’s post-production phase, mastering acts as the final step in the process. The purpose of song mastering is to polish the audio, giving it a clean and cohesive feeling all around. This step is what makes the track sound flawless wherever it’s eventually played out, whether ...

What Is Song Mastering / Music Mastering & Why Is It Important?2022-09-05T22:30:13-05:00

I’m a New Music Producer: What is a DAW?


The music industry is full of words & terms that might seem frightening to a beginner. One abbreviation that is constantly being thrown around is DAW. What is a DAW? DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation & is a piece of software that an artist can use to make their music. It can be used for composing, recording & mixing, producing & overall editing audio. There are a TON of DAWs out there & at the end of the day, it’s up to your discretion to figure out which DAW is right for you. What DAWs are out there for ...

I’m a New Music Producer: What is a DAW?2022-09-05T22:31:07-05:00
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