Eleven is made up of individuals who each have their own entrepreneurial endeavors, ambitions and goals in helping both the local and national music industry grow.

By coming together to form Eleven, their combined goals and visions are creating a strong future for musicians and bands who want to pursue music as a lifelong career.


Help serious musicians build a sustainable music career.

Everything Eleven does is with the aim to provide musicians like you with valuable knowledge, tools, support, and opportunities to advance your music career.

I have been a drummer for 24 years (with 3 bands and 2 albums under my belt) and a member of the Madison Area Music Awards for 14 years, as a board member, a volunteer, and the Front of House and Red Carpet coordinator for 10 years. I am a web developer (20 years), digital marketing strategist (6 years), and a podcast host (1 year) operating as Octave Media, where I help brands in the musical instrument, pro audio and event technology industries use digital marketing more effectively. I have a strong passion at the intersection of technology and the future of the music industry, and for helping musicians and bands succeed in making their passion a true career.

Matt Jacoby


I have been a gigging singer/songwriter/guitar player since 1994. I have a strong DIY ethos, which so far has resulted in 10 self produced and released solo albums, 3 additional albums with previous bands, and a music marketing & mindset book, “The Local Music Journey.” I’m a certified professional coach, armed with years of marketing experience spanning small businesses, higher education and publicly traded tech corporations, I consistently feel energized by helping others explore the crossroads where art and commerce meet.

Nick Venturella


I lived in Nashville and worked as the touring keyboard player for several major label recording artists. Following my move to Madison, I formed a music production, performance and licensing company where I continue to build my catalog of songs and DJ/production work. Since 1993 I’ve played in nearly 30 bands, so I have a keen understanding of what makes groups succeed. I’m committed to helping musicians thrive and build a career doing the work they love.

Steve Banik


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