The music industry is a relationship-based industry. Because of this, a musician’s ability to connect with other creative and business professionals is crucial to cultivating the connections and serendipitous “lucky breaks” that can advance your career. The internet is great for building virtual/digital relationships, but it’s not enough.

In an effort to bring real human interactions back to the local music community, Brix Coworking and Eleven Music Career Center have teamed up to create a new opportunity to help serious musicians advance their passion and make music a real full-time career option. We call this service “Music Career Coworking” (versus Music Coworking).

Eleven Music Coworking Space and Lounge in Madison, Wisconsin

What is “Music Career Coworking”?

When you think of the term “music coworking space”, you tend to think of bands, singer-songwriters and other musicians using a shared space to perfect their performance or musical talents.

While this works well for getting personalized feedback from your peers and gives you the chance to improve the creative side of your music career, it doesn’t address the more important aspect of your music business: the business itself.

Eleven Music Career Center coined the term “music career coworking” to differentiate between workspace that helps you improve your music itself and workspace that helps you become a better small business owner or entrepreneur.  Musicians who are serious about making music a full-time career cannot embark on the journey without realizing they are also a business entrepreneur and not just a performing artist.

With music career coworking spaces, you have the opportunity to network with other music professionals, have access to mentors and coaches who have been through the business building process before and can help you navigate it more easily, expand your community of peers and fans, and engage in education opportunities that will give you real-world experience as a business owner who shares their music with the world.

Eleven’s partnership with Brix Coworking in Madison allows it to offer an exclusive musician membership tier to artists in the music community as well as a dedicated career lounge where musicians can quietly work, consult with coaches and peers, and immerse themselves in the bigger picture behind what they want their full-time passion to truly become.


Eleven offers 2 pricing options for serious career musicians:

  • $69/month (month-to-month membership; cancel or pause anytime)
  • $11/day (day rate for drop-ins and touring artists)


  • 24/7 access to work at your best creative times
  • Access to the Eleven Career Sound Lounge
  • Access to the Brix & Eleven Podcast Studio ($40/hour)
  • All Brix Coworking Amenities included
  • Office hours access to an Eleven coach (location may vary)

NOTE: Brix and Eleven spaces are designed for music business operations and minimal volume from vocals and instruments. It is meant to be different from a rehearsal or recording studio environment. Please let us know if you have questions, concerns or feedback. Thank you!


Eleven has 2 convenient locations to serve our coworking and coaching members:

  • Downtown: 30 W. Mifflin Street, Suite 813
  • Monona: 1574 W. Broadway, Suite 231

Interested in more info or touring our spaces?