I’ll be the first one to admit, compiling top lists like this is never easy and subject to author bias and reader criticism.  However, I’m still gonna go for it.  And that’s only because I’m putting this disclaimer here and letting you fantastically awesome people tell me what else I might have overlooked or should not have included in the comments on this article.  We good?  Aight, let’s do this.

Now because this blog is geared towards the Madison scene, I decided to break this into 2 mini-lists: The Top 5 Music Industry Blogs and The Top 5 Madison Music Industry Blogs.  This will help you gather industry-wide news that can be compared and weighed against what is happening right here at home.

So without further ado…


The Top 5 Music Industry Blogs

Pitchfork.com – My first reaction to this blog was that it was fairly well diversified, with content ranging from CD reviews and videos to interviews and hot topic features.

Consequence of Sound – Honestly I am not extremely familiar with this blog, but it has a wide range of news, reviews and features.  Plus, I kind of felt obligated to list this one because they had a CD review of the debut PHOX album on the front, and I mean, that’s just a given right?  Even though they did only give the album a B- … (throw curse words at CoS)

Music Industry News Network – I’ve graced this site with my presence several times because it will usually have some great “good-to-know” content.  I would consider this site more of a music news aggregator than a full-blooded blog, but it brings the noise and news from the industry all to one easy-to-browse place, making it a valuable resource for any musician.

Music Week – Who’s getting signed this week?  Who’s getting dropped?  Any new successes or failures in the world of music streaming?  Who’s new on the scene?  What music legends did we recently lose?  Get all this and more from Music Week: The Business of Music.

Hypebot.com / Music Think Tank – Last, but by far certainly not least, let’s not forget everyone’s favorite blog to keep up on how the music industry is changing through technology.  How else would you know what the latest thing is to put your music on (as if we didn’t have enough already)?

Halfway there!  Now on to…

The Top 5 Madison Music Industry Blogs

Arts Extract (no longer available) – First, I will say this is technically a podcast.  But all of their episodes are complimented by a blog post, so therefore, it’s blog material.

Maximum Ink – A longtime staple of Madison’s music scene, the continuous coverage brought to us by Rokker and his crew has been without fail since 1996, and that is something Madison can be proud of.  Max Ink covers international, national, regional and local music in Madison and all over Wisconsin.  The have both an online version (web/blog) and a monthly printed edition.

The Isthmus/Daily Page – While music is only just one part of what they cover, The Isthmus still tends to pull a good portion of the music media coverage in Madison, helping local artists reach audiences in Madison they may not usually get the chance to shine for.

Project Famous – One of the younger organizations in the area, Project Famous is 3 parts: a magazine, an artist collective and an independent film company.  For the sake of this article, let’s zoom in on the magazine.  Project Famous the Magazine is an online-only, PDF-only publication that promotes creatives of all kinds, including local musicians.

Local Sounds Magazine – The reincarnation of the former Rick’s Cafe Music Newspaper, Local Sounds Magazine publishes feature stories, recent news, show reviews and CD reviews on a regular basis.

This Author Has Left the Building…

There you have it, my top 10 list.  Now this is the part where I ask the million dollar question: What did I miss?  What should I have not included?  What do you really think of me?  (Just try it buddy.  And make sure if you leave a rude comment to also include your home address.)


(Photo by picjumbo.com from Pexels)