As most of you who live in Madison know, the Madison Area Music Awards, or MAMAs, are held late spring, early summer at the Overture Center.  This year the MAMAs are on Sunday, June 22.  The theater doors open and the Red Carpet Experience kick off at 6:00pm and the curtain rises at 7:00pm.

But Matt, why do we need a “survival handbook” for the MAMAs Red Carpet?

Well, because I said so.  And because there are some new additions to the red carpet this year that will knock your pants off!


Red Carpet Tip #1: New Location

Due to some restrictions bestowed upon us by the Overture Center (or maybe because we’re too awesome and they had to contain us…. yeah), the Red Carpet Experience will be located inside the Capitol Theater lobby instead of the Overture Center Rotunda.

So when you arrive at the Overture Center this year, don’t worry.  You didn’t come to the MAMAs on the wrong day.  The rotunda will be quieter than past years.  But as soon as you walk up that tunnel to the theater and enter the lobby, you’ll see all the familiar sights and sounds you’ve grown accustom to.  Except for the large bar on the left.  That will be upstairs now so that there’s more room for the red carpet.  BAM.


Red Carpet Tip #2: Lights, Camera, Action!

I’m not sure if it was very well known, but in 2013 we tried our hand at live streaming the MAMAs over the Internet in an attempt to help out-of-town fans and people who couldn’t attend in person to tune in and watch the show from their home computers.  While we did manage to pull it off, we didn’t advertise it very well and it turned into more of a test year for a small group of viewers.

In 2014, THIS WILL CHANGE.  This year Local Sounds has partnered up with Madison-based BIMvid to provide a high quality experience like never before.  For out-of-town fans and those who can’t attend in person, this means watching the Red Carpet Experience and award coverage in full HD!  So if you are nominated (or not, it doesn’t matter!), send out an email to your national and international fans to let them know that they can tune in and see who are the big winners of the evening.  It truly will be a night to celebrate local music everywhere, not just in Madison.

For those tuning into the live stream, the Red Carpet Experience will be from 5:00pm – 7:00pm CDT.  At 7:00pm, the red carpet crew will provide coverage of what’s happening and possibly interview the evening’s winners.  During the live stream, there will be the option to give a donation, which will go to the Madison Area Music Association (MAMA, Inc.) to help support their mission of putting musical instruments into kids’ hands.

UPDATE (June 5, 2014): Due to reasons beyond our control, we are unable to stream (broadcast) the actual awards ceremony.  However we will be live all night from the lobby with news and updates from the event.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

More information about the live stream and how you can watch can be found on the Local Sounds Red Carpet Experience page.


Red Carpet Tip #3: Share Your Night With the World

If broadcasting the greatest evening on Earth over the interwebs isn’t enough, those attending the MAMAs can share the night from their point of view as well!  Anyone at the MAMAs can download the BIMvid app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), shoot their own video, and upload it to an on-demand MAMAs playlist!  We will be handing out little fliers on the red carpet with instructions on how to do this, so no need to memorize this now! 🙂

More information about how you can share your night and links to the apps can be found on the Local Sounds Red Carpet Experience page.


Red Carpet Tip #4: Hashtag it Up, Social Media Nuts!

From now until the big night, Local Sounds, its red carpet sponsors, and you can join in the conversation and share your red carpet memories and tips by using the hashtag #MAMARC2014 on Twitter and our Local Sounds Facebook Fan Page.

As if that wasn’t enough, we will be tweeting, monitoring the Facebook discussion and more live the night of the show!  If you are on social media, submit your questions and comments via Twitter and Facebook using the same hashtag and we will try and address them on the live stream!  Interact in near real time with the hosts of our Red Carpet Experience, the crew from Project Famous!


Red Carpet Tip #5: Love Our Sponsors!

The improvements we’ve made to the 2014 Red Carpet Experience could not have been possible without the help of this year’s red carpet sponsors.  These sponsors came onboard to focus on the red carpet only (vs. the entire awards show, those sponsors are separate!) and we couldn’t be more grateful for their time, talent and dedication to this incredible experience.  Please help us support and thank them, they’ve done so much for us!


No More Tips!

Since we still have three weeks to go, please check our Red Carpet Experience page as the MAMAs get closer, as we are expecting some of these details to get updated.  But for the most part, you’ve been warned, er, informed of all the new kinds of love we plan to shower you with.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives, and we’ll see you on June 22!