Here’s a quote from Richard Branson’s book, Business Stripped Bare:

“In an era of digital downloads and headphones that tune out the rest of the world, the live-music experience offers something different, authentic and communal.”

Music as a Vehicle to Build RelationshipsMusicians today have many more options to distribute their music (via the internet, etc.) than even 10 years ago. However, there’s still the issue of actually being heard amongst the enormous amount of new music now available. So how do you stand out and differentiate yourself enough to be discovered by new fans while also being dedicated to your loyal, existing fans.

To me, Branson’s quote speaks directly to what I think music, business and life are all about — people. People being their authentic selves and creating relationships, sometimes around a communal event or through various forms of communication.

As it specifically relates to music, creating unique experiences like those of a live concert help to create a feeling of involvement in something larger than one’s self — an experience that you know is fleeting. However, a shared fleeting experience creates long-lasting memories. I also think when people know it will be a one-of-kind experience, people become more present, in the moment. That, ‘right here and now’ presence-of-mind creates electric energy shared amongst those gathered to experience whatever event it is.

Those who continue to innovate and create that heightened sense of authentic, communal real-time awareness with their music and/or creative pursuits, both on- and off-line, are the ones who will likely have the most success. They’re also the ones most likely to recognize that the success formula is rooted in human relationships, which transcends any and all technological tools that merely help you more easily communicate your messages to be able to build those relationships.

How are you using your music as a vehicle to build relationships?