What is Eleven?

We refer to Eleven as a “Music Career Center”, a service or place where we help serious musicians and bands build a plan to grow their fan base, their business and their income to reach their music career goals.

What will your pricing be?

We are still working out the details around pricing, but we are currently exploring a career coaching and strategy tier, as well as possibly some location-based tiers. For example, if you wanted your music career to stay local, we would help you do A, B, and C for a monthly rate and it would remain local-industry focused. We are considering a regional, national, and international tier as well.

What kinds of musicians/bands do you help?

We help bands who are seriously pursuing music as an actual career. If music is currently just a hobby or lower priority for you right now, Eleven probably won’t be very beneficial.

As of now, our services include a vetting process that might be similar to a traditional record label, where a musician or band needs to achieve a certain status or accomplish certain goals before we would consider them qualified to use our services.

When will your services launch?‚Äč

Right now we are focusing on researching how and where the concept of Eleven can fit into the existing music market.

However, we do have an email list that we will be using to keep subscribers informed on progress and future launch dates.

You can use the Contact Us page to let us know you’d like to be added to our list.