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Making a Live DVD – DIY! Part One


All right all you insatiable DIYers out there, I’m about to hit you with the ULTIMATE in DIY projects for your band. No, not a mechanical fire-breathing dragon. No, not an automatic autotune machine for your singer. I am, of course, talking about the ultimate in luxury items for your merch booth – the LIVE DVD. […]

Making a Live DVD – DIY! Part One2014-09-30T10:45:16-05:00

How to Increase Your Show Attendance


This month’s article continues on some of the lessons I’ve learned from former NIN drummer, label owner, and all around awesome-haired-British-dude Martin Atkins. Last month’s article was more hands-on and physical, as I taught you how to make your own t-shirts. […]

How to Increase Your Show Attendance2014-07-15T10:00:49-05:00
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