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Crowdfunding 101 For Musicians


You’re in a band, which means you have no money. Ah, the eternal joke…but it’s true, of course. Those expensive instruments you bought certainly weren’t free. The thousand-watt amp that the neighbors constantly complain about was not purchased at a Wal-Mart for a low, low price. And instead of going to law school, or learning to be an investment banker, you spent your formative years learning how to play “Stairway to Heaven” without messing it up. […]

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DIY: Making a Live DVD (Part 3)


Today we come to the final article on DIY DVD production. If my first two articles didn’t scare you away – congratulations! You’re an official DIY badass, or perhaps slightly delusional. In either case, you now have excellent video and audio from your event. It went off without a hitch – all your fans have been talking for weeks about the giant rotating drum kit and the chorus of belly dancers that accompanied you on your hit single. You’ve extracted all your audio and video files. You’ve got backups of the backups, and you’re ready to put your DVD together. So, [...]

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Making a Live DVD – DIY! Part Two


In our last article, we talked about the video aspect of creating a live DVD for your band. Now we’re going to talk about something that hopefully all of you musicians out there have experience with – audio! Today we’ll be talking about how to capture the amazing live audio to complement your amazing live video! […]

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Making a Live DVD – DIY! Part One


All right all you insatiable DIYers out there, I’m about to hit you with the ULTIMATE in DIY projects for your band. No, not a mechanical fire-breathing dragon. No, not an automatic autotune machine for your singer. I am, of course, talking about the ultimate in luxury items for your merch booth – the LIVE DVD. […]

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Why are you still trying to get signed?


The music industry landscape has changed drastically over the past 10-15 years.  It’s pretty much unrecognizable from the music industry that I grew up with through high school.  So why hasn’t the mindset of the musicians changed as fast?  For those seeking a musical path to stardom, it sounds to me that the majority of bands still see getting signed as Nirvana (the point of enlightenment, not Kurt Cobain’s band). […]

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