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How to Book My Band: Consider the Live Music Venue’s Needs First


COVID's clearing up! Time to book my band! As things start to return to normal and there is a flurry of bands and venues looking to hook up again to get back to live music, it's a good time to remember (or learn for the first time) to approach how you work with venues in a "venue first" approach, meaning they are not there for you, you are there for them. DISCLAIMER: This may not be the advice you were looking for when you searched "how to book my band", but know that this approach is going to make you [...]

How to Book My Band: Consider the Live Music Venue’s Needs First2021-07-15T13:31:25-05:00

Album vs Singles: What’s Your Music Release Strategy?


In today’s rapid content, easy-streaming/consumption-from-the-cloud climate, what’s a better music release strategy: albums or singles?   Music Release Strategy #1: The Storytelling Nature of Albums Albums are still important when you have something to say as an artist via a collection of songs that have cohesion. If you’re inspired to create such a collection, and you think it will resonate with your audience, then you should pursue that.   Music Release Strategy #2: The Attention Span for Singles However, so much of the music industry (as well as just about any other industry today) depends on the attention of your audience. Unfortunately, [...]

Album vs Singles: What’s Your Music Release Strategy?2021-04-07T09:01:18-05:00

Song Royalties for Beginners: Are you Getting Paid what you’re Owed?


Before we jump in, I have two questions for you: When your song is used by someone else, are you getting paid for it? If you’re not, how would you even know? These are tough questions to answer. Sometimes it’s not clear how your music is being used, even when a contract is signed by both parties. For example, are you retaining 100% of your writer’s share? How much publishing are you sharing with someone else, if any? Is your music being re-titled? What are the terms and territory agreements, and are terms renewed automatically? These are just a few areas [...]

Song Royalties for Beginners: Are you Getting Paid what you’re Owed?2020-12-10T22:33:13-06:00

SMART Goals for Musicians: Where is Your Career Going?


Recent articles from Eleven and the Amplifier focused on a few basic marketing tactics you should refine. This month, we're going to try something different: Setting the GPS on your music career and setting goals for musicians and bands. Think about this for a minute: Where you currently are is POINT A (Starting Point). Your music career journey is the blue line that your vehicle follows. Your vision of what you want your music career to look like and where you want it to end up is POINT B (Destination). Like the GPS on your phone, your progress is that [...]

SMART Goals for Musicians: Where is Your Career Going?2020-12-10T21:58:41-06:00

Why Are You Still Wondering How to Get Signed to a Label?


The music industry landscape has changed drastically over the past 15+ years.  It’s pretty much unrecognizable from the music industry that I grew up with through high school.  So why hasn’t the mindset of the musicians Googling “How to Get Signed to a Label?” changed as fast?  For those seeking a musical path to stardom, it sounds to me that the majority of bands still see “getting signed” as Nirvana (the point of enlightenment, not Kurt Cobain’s band). […]

Why Are You Still Wondering How to Get Signed to a Label?2020-12-10T23:30:18-06:00

Social Media for Musicians: How to Best Use Social Media for your Music Career


In our last article we talked about having a digital “home base” that you own, a website and the importance of constantly collecting interested fans to add to your email list. Another communication layer to add is social media. This is important because using social media for musicians' careers offers a method of quick communications that can either be narrowly targeted or widely distributed online, on a regular (daily) basis. Staying seen and heard via text, audio, video, and image posts helps keep you top-of-mind with your fans and increases your ability to be discovered by new potential fans. Post [...]

Social Media for Musicians: How to Best Use Social Media for your Music Career2020-12-10T21:34:37-06:00

Band Website Required: Why Musicians Should Have a Home Online


Having a digital “home base” that you own (not borrowed, like your Facebook Page or Instagram) is vital. Your band website is an "always on, always available, always working for you" place for your fans and music industry contacts to easily find you, listen to your music, watch your videos, sign up on your email list, and directly contact you. Social media is necessary too, but your own website and email list allows you the most control over your online presence and ability to communicate directly with your fans even if Facebook changes its algorithm and no one sees your [...]

Band Website Required: Why Musicians Should Have a Home Online2020-12-10T07:12:22-06:00

Crowdfunding 101 For Musicians


You’re in a band, which means you have no money. Ah, the eternal joke…but it’s true, of course. Those expensive instruments you bought certainly weren’t free. The thousand-watt amp that the neighbors constantly complain about was not purchased at a Wal-Mart for a low, low price. And instead of going to law school, or learning to be an investment banker, you spent your formative years learning how to play “Stairway to Heaven” without messing it up. […]

Crowdfunding 101 For Musicians2014-12-15T10:12:58-06:00

DIY: Making a Live DVD (Part 3)


Today we come to the final article on DIY DVD production. If my first two articles didn’t scare you away – congratulations! You’re an official DIY badass, or perhaps slightly delusional. In either case, you now have excellent video and audio from your event. It went off without a hitch – all your fans have been talking for weeks about the giant rotating drum kit and the chorus of belly dancers that accompanied you on your hit single. You’ve extracted all your audio and video files. You’ve got backups of the backups, and you’re ready to put your DVD together. So, [...]

DIY: Making a Live DVD (Part 3)2014-11-20T10:04:14-06:00
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