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How important is it for you to make your living as a musician?
What are you currently doing to continuously attract new fans? (select all that apply)
What is your primary method of communicating with, promoting to, and engaging your fans?
How many gigs do you perform per year?
Do you want to perform more or less per year than your previous answer?
Do you primarily perform locally, regionally, nationally or even internationally?
Regardless of how much money you currently make from your music, what do you think would be a reasonable amount of money per year to live comfortably as a full-time musician?
How do you currently earn money from your music endeavor? (check all that apply)
What parts of your music career do you wish you could outsource? (select all that apply)
If you are serious about your music career, what do you feel is the biggest thing holding you back from making a viable living as a full-time musician? (select all that apply)
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