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Google Apps MotherF#@$%, do you speak it? – Part 1


Unless you’re very rich, or very lucky, as the leader of your band, you’ll also be the manager, secretary, booking agent, and public relations contact. You might also be writing songs, writing lyrics, and communicating with your fans on a regular basis. That’s a lot of jobs, and that’s a lot of work! I get asked all the time – “Fang, how do you do it?” Thankfully, there’s an easy (and free) answer: […]

Google Apps MotherF#@$%, do you speak it? – Part 12014-04-01T10:00:10-05:00

Do you look like a band?


Picture your favorite five bands at the heyday of their popularity. Now, for the sake of argument, let’s put them all in a big bowl, cover the bowl, and have the giant robot from Queen’s News of the World album shake them all up. Could you have a friend who knows nothing about any of the bands in question put the bands back together, just based on what they look like? […]

Do you look like a band?2014-03-11T10:00:06-05:00

9 Essential Tips for Kick Ass Band Posters


So you’re a newer band on the Madison scene, and you want to start making a name for yourself. You’re going to want to let people know that you exist, and that they should come see you play! So what’s a band leader to do? Spam facebook? Start an email chain (“Send this event invite to 5 friends or you’ll DIE UNHAPPY AND ALONE!!”)? […]

9 Essential Tips for Kick Ass Band Posters2014-02-04T10:00:24-06:00
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